Robbie Williams is selling his Beverly Hills mansion for $3.6 million.

The 'Candy' hitmaker has decided to put his Los Angeles home up for sale and move back to Britain with his wife Ayda Field and two-month-old daughter Theodora 'Teddy' Rose the US actress loves the UK and he wants his little girl to have a ''European'' accent.

Speaking to The Evening Standard newspaper, he said: ''Ayda loves it here [in Britain]. I can't stand the weather here but I love the people, I love our sense of humour, I love our culture.

''We are buying in London, so Teddy will definitely have a European accent of some sort. It's going to be in the Holland Park or Chelsea area.''

His 4,659 square foot home on exclusive Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles features its own soccer pitch, five bedrooms, a separate guesthouse and a swimming pool that looks over stunning canyon views.

Although Robbie, 38, is worth £100 million and already owns an £8m mansion in Wiltshire, South West England, he is still shocked at the ''astronomical'' prices of property in the UK capital and wonders how so many people can afford to live there.

He added: ''Prices are astronomical. I don't know how anybody can afford to live in London full stop. It's all gone oligarch-kind-of-cash. It's all unrealistic.

''Everything's like a two-million add-on. 'That's two million, that's half a million.' I just want to park outside the house, but you can't get anywhere. It's frightening. Even garages are going for £500,000. Parking spaces are £250,000.''