Robbie Williams says his live shows are ''better'' than Take That's.

The 'Candy' hitmaker - currently on his 'Take The Crown Stadium Tour' - took aim at his on/off band mates and claimed his live experience is superior despite them ''raising the bar''

He told The Sun newspaper: ''Take That came along and spent a s**tload on production - with massive effects ... People have come to expect something different from a show because of it.

''My old mates raised the bar ... Because of watching Take That and then being part of it on 'Progress', I think my performance is better and my show is better.

''I have loads to thank the lads for. They are a huge inspiration.''

The outspoken star also revealed he has ambitions to be a life-long ''ringmaster'' and added he won't be cheap when it comes to putting on a great stage show.

He said: '''I'm in this for the long haul. I want to be the ringmaster and I want to take our circus on tour. I want to do it for the rest of my life.

''I want to be known for quality. I want the show to be the best on the earth at that particular moment with the funds and means available to us.''