Robbie Williams dreams of becoming a semi-pro golfer.

The 45-year-old pop star has a long-standing passion for the sport, and now feels ready to turn his attention towards improving his golf game.

Reflecting on his love of the sport, Robbie shared: ''What I've enjoyed is a ­purpose, getting up in the ­morning and knowing that I'm about to do something and better myself or maybe frustrate myself.

''In between promo for albums, doing gigs, I have something to do.''

Robbie first found fame as part of the chart-topping boyband Take That.

But he actually considered becoming a pro golfer before he became a singer.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday newspaper, he explained: ''I was a junior member at a course called Burslem in Stoke-on-Trent, I played for a couple of years and was obsessed but then I joined Take That and that took up all of my time.

''Then 12 years ago I got proper ­obsessed, I was hitting 200 balls a day on the range, playing 36 holes, coming home and watching DVDs on golf.''

Robbie has, in fact, already turned to golf coach Rick Shiels as he pursues his dream of turning semi-pro.

The 'Angels' hitmaker insisted that nothing will stop him from realising his long-held ambition of becoming a semi-pro and, eventually, earning himself a ''single-figure handicap''.

He said: ''I have been watching his ­videos for a couple of years now.

''This time - more than any other - I'm not going to give up. This is a race to a single-figure handicap.''