Robbie Williams' wife thinks he is the most "funny, charismatic, creative and original" person she knows.

The Take That singer's spouse Ayda Field believes the way fans see the star on stage is not always the same person she sees at home because her "best friend" has so many other sides to him.

Asked by a fan how much of the Robbie on stage is the 'real' Robbie Williams, he wrote on his blog: "I'll ask Ayda to answer your questions. She says, 'All of it and none of it at the same time.

"She says I'm the most funny, charismatic, creative, original human being she's ever met ... And I love to do little skits around the house.

"She says I'm always telling stories and everyone gravitates towards me naturally so she thinks when I'm on stage that's a slither of who I am in real life amplified to this Robbie persona who lives and breathes confidence and charisma and magic.

"But in real life there is more to me than the Robbie character. There's the boy who likes to play football. The boy who likes to chill out and be quiet. The boy who likes to be naked and cosy in bed, not performing, just listening. And there's the man who cuddles his doggies, who cleans up the poo when they make a mess and who cares about how everybody else is doing.

"And that man is my soul mate, my best friend, my lover."

Robbie - who recently revealed he has been "found by God" - has also spoken of his beliefs in a "universal power", saying his new faith has improved his relationship with his wife.

He wrote: "I've returned to spirit for this tour. I'm choosing to believe in a universal power that we/I can plug into at any time.

"I've been asking for guidance and I've been receiving it. A massive gift. I've gotten to love you [the fans] more. I've gotten to love Ayda more. I've gotten to love me more because of it..."