British popstar Robbie Williams is convinced the key to pop greatness is a magical ingredient which only a tiny proportion of bands and artists are blessed with.

The ANGELS hitmaker has pinpointed a special something in only a small number of acts ranging from highly credible rock groups to chart-topping manufactured bands.

He says, "When I first saw OASIS I recognised a thing - I don't even know what you'd call it, just a thing - that was greatness. It's outside of pop in the way it's meant now but it's pop brilliance to me.

"I thought I saw it again with The Strokes, but I might've been wrong. And then I think people have seen that thing in The Libertines and Pete Doherty.

"But you know that thing? I got the same feeling watching the Spice Girls. When GERI (Halliwell) came down the stairs in the (union jack) dress... it was so f**king powerful seeing those girls together."