Robbie Williams would be ''f***ing vicious'' if he used Twitter.

The 'Go Gentle' hitmaker deliberately doesn't have his own account on the social networking site because he would get in ''so much trouble'' and waste days voicing his opinions, although he does still get himself heard on the website by telling a friend what to write.

The 39-year-old singer - who has 13-month-old daughter, Teddy, with wife Ayda Field - said: ''I am [on Twitter], via someone else. If I want to say something, I tell them because I'd get into so much trouble if it was left to me.

''Because I bite and I bite hard. I'd be f***ing vicious.

''That would be my whole day gone. I'm going to stay away from that. I think it's best for my soul.''

Robbie prefers to express himself in his songs and admits some of the tongue-in-cheek lyrics on his upcoming album 'Swings Both Ways' were influenced by his days touring gay clubs with boy band Take That as a teenager, when his manager used to tell people he ''definitely swung both ways''.

He added to The Sun newspaper: ''When I joined Take That, we toured gay clubs for 18 months.

''It always used to confuse me and make me laugh when a lot of the gay people I was hanging out with were insistent everybody was gay.

''According to my manager at the time, I definitely swung both ways. And I wouldn't judge anybody for judging us back then. So for me, the start of the song was a homage to being a teenager in those clubs and being told, 'Oh yes, everybody's gay. Everybody swings both ways.' I'm really proud of that song.''