Robbie Williams insists he is still a member of Take That.

The 'Candy' hitmaker rejoined the group - which he quit in 1995 - for an album and tour in 2012 and despite subsequently releasing a new solo album, 'Take The Crown', and announcing a European tour, he says it doesn't mean he has left the band.

However, Robbie admits he is unsure when he will work with Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald again.

He said: ''Am I rejoining Take that? I haven't officially left. This is all written now, what happens with me and the boys, it's up to us to write what configuration, what happens, how we sing it, where we go if we do go, if we don't go, and that is still up in the air. Very, very much.

''What I do know, God willing if we all remain healthy, then I will definitely be a part of Take That at some point because I love being in the band, I love the boys and I love the creative process with them.''

Robbie, 38, credits the band and his baby daughter, Theodora 'Teddy' Rose, with giving him the confidence to return to touring as a solo artist again.

Speaking at a press conference at London's Soho Hotel to announce his 2013 tour, he said: ''It's joyful being around them and that tour last summer was just absolutely incredible, it kick-started my professional career, not for other people, but for my sake - got my confidence back.

''Being with the boys gave me space to find myself again, I'm back, I want to go on tour and I want to smash it.

''I'm sure there are many factors why I'm back and I've got the energy, Take That being one and my baby being the other.''

Tickets for Robbie's tour go on sale on Friday (30.11.12).