Robbie Williams has admitted he regularly smokes cannabis.

The 'Feel' singer - who has admitted to trying heroin and entered rehab in 2007 for an addiction to prescription drugs - claims he doesn't drink alcohol but often indulges in marijuana smoking sessions to ''relax.''

Robbie insists he doesn't ''lose control'' whilst taking drugs because of the responsibility he has to look after his 14-month-old daughter Theodora Rose, whom he had with wife Ayda Field.

The former Take That star revealed: ''Since the birth of Theo I've become less reckless.

''I last drank 13 years ago, the last time I got high was two days ago. No big drug sessions, mind, just a small amount, purely to relax.

''I'm allowed to go crazy once in a while, just as long as I don't lose control. I have to be there to take care of my daughter, right? That is the good thing - by putting responsibility on my shoulders she is also taking care of me.''

The 39-year-old singer's admission comes after he revealed earlier this week that he had ''given up'' on life during the height of his drug addiction, but now he is enjoying watching his daughter Teddy growing up and taking her first steps.

Robbie added to The Mirror newspaper: ''She's only one now and can stand a little bit. She takes about three steps and then decides she prefers crawling. Thanks to her there is always laughter in the house. Only this morning we were dancing together when I played 90s rap and house. She has great rhythm.''