Robbie Williams takes five hours to get ready for a show.

The 'Candy' hitmaker - who is currently on his 'Take the Crown Stadium Tour' - insists he's ''not that beautiful'' so has to spend a huge amount of time preparing himself mentally and physically before performing on stage.

He said: ''I have a massage, that's an hour and a half. Then I have a shower, shave, make-up. In the flesh I'm not that beautiful, so we need make-up.

''Then I'll have my hair done, then stretching, it's a five- hour thing.''

The 39-year-old singer kicked off his European tour - which is his first in seven years - at the beginning of last month but it hasn't been plain sailing for the star as twenty fans ended up in a scrap at his concert at Wembley Stadium in London two weeks ago.

In video footage of the brawl, a man in a red T-shirt can be seen battered to the ground as beer was thrown at him, while a bald man then delivered blows to the floored victim after having the shirt ripped off his back.

Disappointed fans took to Twitter to express their anger at the way security handled the fight, with one fan known only as Charlie tweeting: ''Wembley security is so s**t would think twice about going again (sic)''

Wembley officials confirmed: ''There was an altercation. No one wished to press charges.''