Robbie Williams has a crush on Mila Kunis.

The 'Candy' singer is happily married to actress Ayda Field - who recently gave birth to their first child, daughter Theodora - but admits he would find it hard to turn down a bedroom liaison with the sexy 'Ted' star.

When asked if he would like to entertain Mila, Robbie - referring to a budget British hotel chain - quipped: ''I'm married and I respect and love my wife too much.

''But, that being said, if Mila could meet me at the nearest hotel, the Travelodge. I don't know if she's been to Keele Services before, but at Keele Services there is a Travelodge. It's only £27.99 for the afternoon, Mila, I'll see you there.''

During the interview with UK station Capital Radio, Robbie was also quizzed on whether he found his Take That bandmate Gary Barlow's wife Dawn attractive.

He said: ''Not again. You know how much trouble I got in last time. He nearly found out, you know. This is embarrassing for both of us, I'm married now.''

The 38-year-old pop star also spoke about his love for his baby daughter, and admitted he's happy to change Theodora's dirty nappies and even finds the unpleasant job a ''cosmic'' experience.

He said: ''It's so many things, words don't do it justice.

''The closest thing to it would be cosmic, spiritual, messy. Very chicken tikka.''