Robbie Williams has moved in eight family members to help look after his daughter Theodora.

The 'Candy' singer and his wife Ayda Field are currently in the UK while he promotes his new album 'Take The Crown', and both of their mothers - along with various other relations - have moved in to their rented house in London to help care for the six-week-old baby.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Robbie and Ayda's mums get on well and are helping a lot with the baby.

''There's a lot of football going on into the night - with floodlights put up especially in the back garden.

''It really is one big happy family. There's always someone to lend a hand with baby duties - Teddy is getting plenty of cuddles.''

In addition to the two mothers are various siblings and partners.

Robbie recently said he was going to hire a nanny to make sure his house was ''happy'' and Theodora - affectionately known as 'Teddy' - always had constant attention.

He said: ''Am I getting help? F**k yeah. I'm getting hot and cold running help. The number of couples who have kids and argue as they haven't slept - I want the house to be happy, because we'll be happy and the baby will be happy and we can do it again. I really want to dig this.''