Robbie Williams says Gary Barlow is going through the toughest time of his life after his daughter was delivered stillborn last month.

The 'Angels' singer knows his Take That bandmate is suffering at the moment following the loss of his and wife Dawn's fourth child, a baby girl called Poppy, but Robbie is sure he can get through it.

Robbie - who is expecting a little girl with wife Ayda - said: ''You know, Gaz is the most solid man I know, way more solid than me. He has the ability to put things in compartments. But this is the most testing thing he's ever had to go through, I'm sure.

''It's just one of those things where we'll see how it goes when I see him, but it's obviously a very, very sad time for both him, Dawn and the kids. It's the heaviest, heaviest thing, and, like I say, Gaz is so together. We'll sit down and have a proper chat at some point but so far it hasn't happened.''

Robbie has only seen Gary once since the tragedy, but it wasn't the right time to discuss it because they were at an awards ceremony.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, he said: ''We were at an awards ceremony, it's not the place to talk about anything. It was very much surface stuff. But we shall be spending time together soon.''