Robbie Williams ''didn't know how to talk to anybody'' during a ''weird'' summer.

The 42-year-old singer - who has children Teddy, four, and Charlton, two, with wife Ayda Field - spent months feeling ''isolated'' earlier this year after being gripped by depression, but is thankful that his ''demons are quiet'' now after doctors put him on a new medication.

He told Radio Times magazine: ''I had a really weird summer. Just couldn't connect with anybody, apart from my wife.

''I didn't know how to talk to anybody, even people who are with me every day. I was isolated, in my head.

''It was troublesome and sad. Then I tried this anti-depressant and things have changed. The demons are quiet.''

The 'Party Like a Russian' singer has previously battled addictions to drugs and alcohol so insists he won't touch narcotics or booze again in the future.

He said: ''I definitely can't drink. I definitely can't do coke. I can't do ecstasy. And I don't fancy heroin. Or M-Cat (mephedrone) or ketamine or any of those things.

''But maybe there's a once-a-year special voucher that I get for good behaviour. But not for any of those things. I'll leave it to your imagination.''

Robbie previously admitted he ''would be dead'' without the support of Ayda, who he married in 2010 after four years together.

He said: ''I would be dead [without therapy] I went to rehab a couple of times and a lot of therapy. Me masking what was going on inside or medicating it lead to some very dark places in my head. I was close to not being on the planet, but I recognise that.

''Get sober or die. Consciously knowing that that is your only choice is what I did. She [Ayda] did [help]. My life is way much better because Ayda is in it full stop.''