Robbie Williams' family give him the confidence to perform.

The 'Candy' singer is currently on this Take The Crown Stadium Tour in the UK and says having wife Ayda Field and nine-month-old daughter Teddy along for the ride have boosted his belief in his skills as a performer.

Speaking with radio host Alex James on show IN:DEMAND, which was broadcast across a network of 16 UK radio stations last night (20.06.13), he said: ''Whereas before, I sort of pretended I had the confidence, now I really do have the confidence and its gotta be the because of the family, the Mrs and the baby - it feels really cool.

''We all travel together and that's how it's going to work. For the next five years at least, Teddy can come with us. I feel complete and more comfortable when they are around so it's better when they come with me.''

Robbie, 39, also said he takes a formidable road crew with him, including ''nearly 300 people and 48 lorries.''

The singer also talked about how there is little chance of him changing the opening and closing songs of his set because they are both so perfectly suited.

He explained: ''The most difficult thing is replacing 'Let Me Entertain You' at the beginning of the show. How? And why would you when it does what it says on the tin?! It's like, 'Thou Shalt start with 'Let Me Entertain You' and Thou Shalt finish with 'Angels' ' - I think that's how it goes and then you work back from there... It is the tower of Robbie, indeed!''

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