Robbie Williams almost died from an overdose of cocaine while partying with Naomi Campbell, according to the supermodel's former personal assistant.

Campbell's former PA REBECCA WHITE claims Robbie had to be carried out of a German hotel suite by his manager after the incident, which reportedly took place in the early 90s.

The 30-year-old reformed hellraiser has since cleaned up his act and has now sworn off drink and drugs.

White tells British newspaper the DAILY STAR, "Robbie's manager came running into the suite and carried him out of the room. My job was to make sure that the hotel wasn't going to say anything.

"There was a big cover up."

White adds of Robbie's former lifestyle, "I was buying the purest cocaine you can get.

"If it was just Robbie, Naomi and a friend in Naomi's flat, I would be given $3,600 (GBP2,000) to get an eight ball - four and a half grams I believe.

"That goes probably in an hour or two."

ALEX KADIS, biographer of Robbie's former boyband Take That, backs up White's claims, telling the Daily Star, "Robbie was on a road to destruction and he had to hit rock bottom to get back."

11/04/2004 10:48