Robbie Williams wants his daughter to have ''European sensibilities''.

The 'Candy' singer - who has six-week-old baby Theodora Rose with wife Ayda Field - currently resides in Los Angeles but is in the UK promoting his new album 'Take the Crown', and he admits he is conflicted as to where he wants his daughter raised.

He said: ''I make monumental financial mistakes, me and my lady wife buy a huge country pile, and we go, 'Oh this is lovely this, isn't it lovely, being in the English countryside?' Second night in, 'This is rubbish, it's so miserable!' So it's quite a quandary because we've had a baby now, Teddy, and we are wondering where she is going to be raised.

''I'd like her to have European sensibilities at least. Her mum can speak fluent French. Her father can't even speak English!''

The Take That star nicknamed his newborn daughter Teddy because that was his preferred name, but made sure she had a more formal moniker in case she needed it when she gets older.

He added to BBC Radio 2 DJ Dermot O'Leary: ''She's not named after anybody. I wanted our baby to be called Teddy and mum liked it too, but she felt we needed a professional name, just in case she becomes a lawyer or a doctor. Like that's going to happen! So we needed to give her a proper name - Theodora Rose, but around the house she's Teddy.''