Singer Robbie Williams has quit his U.S. soccer team LA Vale, after discovering he had been conned out of $400,000 (GBP200,000) by his "so-called friends" and teammates. The British pop star has been residing in Los Angeles for the last few years, and set up LA Vale in 2005 so that he could enjoy playing his favourite sport on a regular basis. But Williams, 33, has now disbanded the team, after finding out two men - whom he considered to be among his closest pals - had been using him for his generosity. The duo is alleged to have convinced Williams to hand over $400,000 to help fund their plans to set up a fashion label in New York - but blew the cash on partying instead. And Williams lost his temper at with the 'pals' at the weekend (27-28Oct07), prompting him to kick the hangers-on out of his California mansion. A source tells British newspaper The Daily Mirror, "It was as if the penny had finally dropped and Robbie realise he was being taken for a mug. "There was a screaming row between him and several people. He accused them all of taking advantage. He ordered them all out of his house and told them not to come back. "But it was when he disbanded the (soccer) team that everyone became convinced he meant business. It's very much his pride and joy."