Robbie Williams released a swing album because he didn't want to stop working.

The 39-year-old singer has brought out 'Swings Both Ways' just a year after releasing 'Take the Crown' and admits he wasn't ready for a break.

He explained: ''I'm enjoying working and I couldn't come straight out with another pop album. I wanted to do something else and that something else shaped up to be a swing-style record.''

Robbie is enjoying his work so much he wishes he could bring out another record soon but doesn't want people to get bored of him.

He told Q magazine: ''For me, over-familiarity breeds contempt. But after this album, I've got to go away and already I'm thinking, 'I don't want to.' But I can't turn up again next Christmas on the f***ing 'X Factor', I just can't. So I've got to go away and do something else.

''But there's another album ready to go. There's always another f***ing album ready to go.''