Robbie Williams next album will be full of ''hate and rage''.

The 'Feel' singer may have recently become a father to daughter Theodora 'Teddy' Rose with his wife Ayda Field, but that doesn't mean his next record will be full of syrupy ballads.

He told Italy's Grazia magazine: ''I love being a father and the day Teddy was born was the best of my life, but my next album won't be about paternity at all.

''It's actually going to be full of hate and rage. I realised that sometimes I am very angry and to get rid of all the negative energy I've started writing very blunt and honest songs''

Robbie hasn't started the follow up to his 'Take The Crown' album, released last year, but he promised during sessions for it he has a few songs written with his old Take That bandmate Gary Barlow which may be included.

He said: ''Gary, I highly, highly respect him. He's a very, very wise man. He's very much dad.

''I wrote a couple of songs with Gaz. I wrote a load of songs with Gaz and they are going to turn up on a couple of projects in the next few years.''