Robbie Williams and Ayda Field conceived their first child after making love on the rocks.

The 38-year-old actress has revealed little Theodora - now five-years-old - came into the world after the couple decided to get intimate in the bizarre location.

Speaking in a segment about honest baby names - where they divulged what their kids would be named if they had used the location of their conception for the child's moniker, Ayda confessed: ''Not to name names but Teddy was 'Passion on the Rocks.'''

When asked by her co-presenter if she meant on ice, she admitted during an appearance on ITV's Loose Women: ''No, actual rocks ... And Charlie [now three] was 'Happy 40th birthday babe.'''

It comes after Robbie revealed porn has ''helped his relationship'' with Ayda as it has stopped him ''f***ing his relationship up''.

Speaking about whether or not he is addicted to porn, he said: ''I think porn's helped our relationship. I don't think I'm addicted to porn, but I do think it's been a necessary tool to help me not f**k my relationship up ...

''But you don't get a medal or an award [for being faithful], and I should, because I am subjected to more than my fair share of adoration. I go out and look at a stadium full of people who are incredibly fond of me and quite a few of them are incredibly good looking. I should get some sort of f***ing award for not f***ing. A quadruple-platinum disc.''

Robbie chooses not to be in the presence of women because he doesn't ''trust'' himself.

He shared: ''If I stay in a pub too long, I'm going to have a drink. If I go to a barbershop long enough, I'm going to have a haircut. So do I trust myself to not drink? Do I trust myself if there was a pile of coke out there? I'd snort it at some point. So no, I don't trust myself. But history has taught me I'm quite good at not doing it. And so it is with women. When I'm not on tour, it's a lot easier.''