British singer Robbie Williams has become addicted to candy and savoury snacks as a result of kicking his "corrosive" 60-a-day cigarette habit.

The Let Me Entertain You hitmaker was famed for his hard-partying and drug-taking during the heyday of his solo career but has cleaned up his act since checking himself into rehab in 2009.

Williams, who became a first-time father in September (12) when his wife Ayda gave birth to a girl, admits his personal struggle with substance abuse is ongoing but his new-found addiction is much more child friendly.

He tells Britain's The Sun, "Everything I like is addictive, destructive or corrosive. Addiction to danger is no stranger to me, it's fashion. There's always going to be a part of me that wants to exist in a psychedelic realm.

"I only did heroin once and I never got addicted but there is still a lot of me that is mad for all that. I can't do coke though, as my body convulses and it's not pretty. My arm goes numb and my heart is about to give in.

"As soon as I quit (smoking), the compulsion was to drink, take drugs - straight away. If I wanted to drink I would have but I've stopped. Just like I have with smoking. I'd had enough. The only things I'm addicted to now are f**cking Minstrels (chocolate candy) and prawn cocktail crisps (potato chips)."