Fans of British pop idol Robbie Williams are now able to get closer to the star's history - by buying his first-ever home.

The FEEL crooner's childhood abode in Victoria Road, Stoke-on-Trent, England, is on the market for $159,920 (GBP99,950), and is a respectable two-bed family house.

Current owner SAM EVANS says, "When Robbie was born, this was an affluent neighbourhood.

"Lots of doctors and lawyers lived on the road, which is odd because everyone thinks of Robbie as a working-class hero.

"There were three bedrooms when Robbie was here, but apart from that the layout is exactly the same."

However, Sam believes British conservation organisation THE NATIONAL TRUST should purchase the home and turn it into a shrine to the former Take That singer - like they have with Sir Paul McCartney's childhood home in Liverpool.

29/07/2003 09:18