Pop hunk Robbie Williams is so fed up with sleazy biographers getting his life story wrong, he's decided to pen his own sizzling tell-all tome.

A recent spate of biographies has the ROCK DJ heart-throb fuming - author PAUL SCOTT's ROBBIE WILLIAMS: ANGELS AND DEMONS claims Robbie offered cocaine to his mum, while ROBBIE'S SECRETS by VICTORIA BLACKBURN relates the painful story of his father's departure from the family.

So the singer has decided to set the record straight in his own book - and he's taking photographs already, on a small digital camera he carries around all the time.

A friend explains, "This is going to be the ultimate Robbie book. His mate and journalist CHRIS HEATH will put the words on paper but everything in it is from Robbie's own mouth.

"Quite frankly he is sick of reading other people's accounts of his life. He feels that if anyone is going to tell his story then it might as well be him.

"There will be chapters about his childhood, his years with Take That and his fight against addiction. He will tell all about his new life in the States and spill details about his girlfriends.

"Robbie finds it very difficult to trust people now and very, very rarely gives in-depth interviews. So the book will be a real insight into Robbie's life, which is becoming increasingly private."

25/06/2003 02:27