Robbie Williams has been seen walking around The Streets of Los Angeles in a gorilla costume.

The Angels star sported the outfit with a large pair of black sunglasses, which has led to speculation about the singer's state of mind.

He purchased the outfit for $60 from a Hollywood fancy dress store before heading out onto the streets – reportedly the first time he has ventured out of his mansion for three months.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Robbie's friend Tara Palmer-Tomkinson said: "Of course I'm worried for Robbie.

"He's a genius and when you're that smart and have been in the public eye for so long, you want to escape."

The former Take That star recently claimed he saw a UFO flying over a Californian hotel he was staying in.

According to the Sun, it was his obsession with aliens that led to the singer's split from his girlfriend Ayda Field.

25/09/2008 11:15:24