Robbie Williams thinks more straight rockers should act gay - to hit back at the homosexuals who play it straight in the music business.

The controversial British star admits he loves pretending he's gay, even though he has never had sex with a man - and he thinks more stars should play up their gay side.

He says, "There's a few pop and rock stars out there who pretend to be straight and I champion the cause for straight rock stars to act gay or at least say gay things.

"I'm heterosexual and I've never got down and dirty with a man. If the fancy takes me I probably would, but it doesn't."

Williams knows he isn't gay because he's madly in love with two celebrity women - his one-time pop video love interest Nicole Kidman and Vince Vaughn's new girlfriend Cameron Diaz.

He adds, "Nicole's lovely. Her pins and her face. She's an amazing lady. And I've got a huge crush on Cameron Diaz. It's quite bad actually."

23/05/2003 09:13