Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow have made their peace after a friendly meeting in Los Angeles.

Popstar Williams and his former Take That bandmate have had tense relations since the solo star decided to quit the boyband.

Both began solo careers and had disputes about the break-up of the band and subsequent career directions.

But it seems the massive success of the Take That comeback has sobered Williams somewhat, with the pair enjoying a pleasant get-together.

Barlow told the GMTV: "Yes, we met. We had a great chat. He's really well and we're good buds again.

"It was the best meet-up we've had since 1996."

But although rumours of a reunion have already begun, Barlow ruled out the possibility of Williams being brought back into the Take That fold.

"No rejoin," the singer said.

There's No Doubt Take That fans want Robbie back, but they may have to have a little patience.

06/08/2007 16:24:21