Robbie Williams wanted to call his new album 'Il Protagonista'.

The 'Bodies' singer - who releases 'Reality Killed the Video Star' yesterday (09.11.09) - said he had contemplated a number of different titles before settling on the final one.

He said: "I had the title, it was the chorus line to another song. But when it came to recording the album I lost that song and we needed a title for the record.

"I really liked 'Il Protagonista' but then somebody pointed out that was incredibly pretentious."

Joking about his song 'Let Me Entertain You', he then added: "Then I thought, 'Let me Underwhelm you' and a serious one was 'Me Singing'... But it seems everyone else does too!"

The title 'Reality Killed the Video Star' is a reference to the song 'Video Killed The Radio Star', which was written and performed by Trevor Horn, who produced Robbie's album.

The singer - who is making a comeback after three years out of the spotlight - said he is also finding it hard to re-establish himself as a pop performer in his own mind.

He added: "At the moment when I sing I feel it's like I'm new to it again."