Most expectant dads-to-be will have a plan for getting out of work quickly if their partner goes into labour. If you're a multi-million selling pop star, like Robbie Williams, this involves having a private jet on standby whilst you perform to your fans. According to Sky News, the former Take That singer isn't taking any chances when it comes to making sure that he gets to see his baby being born and being by his wife Ayda's side whilst she gives birth. He's reportedly told The Belfast Telegraph "I don't think (the baby)'s going to come today, I think it's going to be more likely next week. But there's a plane on standby and if I get that phone call I've got to go."

38 year-old Robbie is currently doing the rounds of a series of low-key gigs, which kicked off at the O2 Academy in Leeds and sees him perform in aid of Unicef and Childline at Dublin's own O2 Academy. He only played a small number of newer songs in Leeds, though, choosing instead to treat his fans to some of their old favourites, such as Angels and Let Me Entertain You. In Leeds, he did perform a live version of his new single Candy and told fans "I hope, I hope it's played so much on the radio that you say, turn this off."

Robbie and Ayda have reportedly chosen a name for their baby but they won't be revealing it until she's born. He insists that "There's no mad celebrity baby name," though, "It's a very steadfast old school name."