A poll of Europe's favourite artists topped by Robbie Williams indicates the impending downfall for the current trend of manufactured pop acts.

The survey shows song enthusiasts across the continent are tiring of bands created by record companies and hit TV talent search shows such as Pop Idol, and are preferring to listen to "credible and talented" acts like Williams, Coldplay, Radiohead, Eminem and Shaggy instead.

ANGELS hunk Williams convincingly beat his contemporaries to land the top spot - he was voted one of the most popular artists in eight countries and received the most airplay requests in nations including Britain, Italy and Denmark.

The poll of 30,000 Europeans - conducted by the THE EUROPE MUSIC CENSUS - also found Williams was the only pop artist named in the top five, and music experts are convinced the survey spells the end for manufactured groups.

A spokesman for the organisation says, "This first European Music Census suggests that Europeans, and particularly Brits, are starting to tire of the stream of manufactured pop acts that record companies are producing.

"The music industry will need to start signing and promoting credible and talented acts in order to keep up with changing tastes and reinvigorate interest in the charts.

"Rock is back and is packing a punch."

26/11/2003 13:51