LATEST: Robbie Williams' former manager NIGEL MARTIN-SMITH has launched a scathing attack on the singer - insisting he needs a five-year break from showbiz. The Angels star was forced to publicly apologise to Martin-Smith, who managed boy band Take That - of which Williams was a member until he quit the group in 1995 - on Wednesday (05Dec07), and pay undisclosed damages over making defamatory claims in the lyrics of one of his solo songs. Martin-Smith took Williams to court over track The 90s, in which the 33-year-old accused him of stealing money from the band at the height of its fame in the 1990s. And Martin-Smith insists the star needs a break - because his fame is on the wane. He says, "Rob should have five years off as he can't swim against the tide of popularity. He needs to take some time off and stop loving himself so much."