Robbie Williams has given up on making it big in America - because he's too lazy.

Success in the States has eluded the British pop star over the years and his latest album ESCAPOLOGY has been another big disappointment for his record label EMI.

But Williams insists he really doesn't care about becoming a superstar in America - because he likes his anonymity there.

He says, "Basically, my ego says, 'Go and do it.' But the part of me that wants to become a father and raise kids and have some sort of normalcy says, 'What the f*** are you doing? No one knows you when you're here and that's great.'

"And then the ego comes back again and says, 'Try to make it,' but to tell you the absolute truth, it's not gonna happen for me.

"If I toured, it would solve everything, because the live show is great, but I'm not prepared to work that hard."

29/04/2003 09:38