Five pregnant women went into labour during Robbie Williams's concert at Knebworth, England on Friday night (1AUG03).

Four of the women were rushed to hospital to give birth, while the fifth saw her child enter the world in the medical tent at the show.

HENRY COBBOLD, son of KNEBWORTH PARK owner LORD COBBOLD, says, "She was plucked out of the crowd and successfully gave birth.

"Robbie's profile is the majority of his fans are female and aged 20 to 40. It makes sense that nine months after the tickets went on sale a significant proportion of the 125,000 find themselves pregnant.

"That's not something we've encountered before. It didn't happen with Oasis, for instance."

Cobbold concedes that there was one other baby born at the venue - at a 1978 Genesis concert.

04/08/2003 17:46