Robbie Williams is a misunderstood creative genius, according to his songwriting partner STEPHEN 'TIN TIN' DUFFY.

Duffy, a former member of Duran Duran, co-wrote Williams' new album INTENSIVE CARE - but insists the ideas and inspiration all came from the TRIPPING hitmaker.

He says, "Robbie quotes GANDHI on Tripping and he quotes ST AUGUSTUS on MAKE ME PURE which I didn't realise until he told me afterwards.

"He is very intelligent guy and sometimes people don't give him full credit.

"He leads in everything. He is incredibly talented lyrically and melodically.

"The amazing thing about working with him was that he'd pick up the bass never having really played it before.

"The first time he picked up the bass he wrote Tripping. He basically sits down and comes up with hooks."