British pop star Robbie Williams has hired a jet to remain on standby in case he is miles away from his pregnant wife Ayda Field when she goes into labour.
The former Take That singer is due to become a father any day now, but he had to leave Field's side in London and fly to Dublin, Ireland, where he is due to perform at a charity gig on Friday (14Sep12).
The baby's imminent birth has made Williams more than a little anxious, and he has made sure a plane is waiting on the runway should he need to make a frantic dash to the hospital.
Speaking before the concert on Friday, he said, "I don't think she's going to come today; I think it's going to be more likely next week. But there's a plane on standby and if I get that phone call I've got to go."
Williams and his wife, who has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, relocated from Los Angeles to the singer's native U.K. for the final stages of Field's pregnancy as the Angels hitmaker wanted his kid to have a British passport.