Pop singer Robbie Williams is definitely not gay and likes to party with groupies on the road, according to his biographer.

MARC McCRUM dismisses reports the FEEL singer is a homosexual and attributes the star's cross-dressing antics to his bizarre sense of humour.

And the writer says he's witnessed Robbie, 29, enjoying an abundance of female company when out on tour.

McCrum says, "Rob told me he has no objections to homosexuality, but he was quite clear it's not his thing. He said, 'The idea of bits getting in the way just puts me off.'

"He has kissed a man, but said it was for a laugh and, although he quite enjoyed it, he didn't want to do it again. The bisexual act is just a tease.

"Anyway, after being on tour with him, I know he's not gay. We'd come back from a gig and there's be hundreds of girls sitting in the lobby of his hotel.

"Some evenings the security guards or his PA, JOSIE CLIFF, would come down to the lobby and invite a couple of ladies up to Rob's room.

"He's leave the decision up to them, although he'd joke he needed a webcam so he could choose."

10/02/2004 17:20