Rob Zombie has fuelled rumours he is to quit music for good - hinting his upcoming album may be his last.
The musician launched a new career as a movie director back in 1999 and has seen his film-making take off with horror pictures including his successful 2007 Halloween remake.
He launched a Halloween sequel this year (09) and has a string of other films in production.
Zombie's fans have long feared the star may put his recording career behind him to focus on film, and now he has fuelled rumours of a musical retirement by admitting his new CD could be his last.
Hellbilly Deluxe 2: Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls and the Systematic Dehumanization of Cool is due for release in 2010 and is the last record he is contracted to make with his current label Geffen.
He tells The Pulse of Radio, "We're already trying to figure it out, 'cause this is the last record that I owe Geffen. My contract is up. Whether or not I re-sign, we haven't had that conversation, but this is the last record I'm obligated to make. I mean, I've been on the label now for like 19 years. So I don't know. I mean, it is almost becoming like you're not sure - how will people get music a year from now?"
Zombie is due to kick off a North American tour on 29 October (09) in Phoenix, Arizona.