Rocker-turned-film director Rob Zombie turned down offers to work with Hollywood's next big things because he thinks young actors are "boring".

The former White Zombie frontman was inundated with offers after his debut film HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES became a cult hit, but he turned everyone down and chose instead to work with forgotten film and TV veterans in his new movie THE DEVIL'S REJECTS.

Zombie - real name ROBERT CUMMINGS - admits he's always enjoyed the company of older people.

He says, "I was never really attracted to kid things. I found other kids boring.

"As a little kid I was really into Groucho Marx of Clint Eastwood. People said I seemed like an old man trapped in a little kid's body.

"That's why I have an older cast in this movie; there's barely an actor under 50 in the movie because I'm sick of looking at young people in movies because they're boring."

His cast includes Eastwood's one-time sidekick Geoffrey Lewis, Sid Haig and William Forsythe.

14/07/2005 09:51