Rocker Rob Zombie credits his inattentive babysitter for giving him the twisted imagination it requires to make horror movies because she let him watch R rated movies aged just five-years-old.

The former White Zombie frontman, was left in the inattentive hands of his blood and guts loving babysitter from a young age and is thrilled she was so interested in drugs and violence.

He says, "When I was about five, I had this babysitter named KIKI... and when she was supposed to be babysitting me or taking me to the library, or something, she'd sneak me off to the movies and dump me there so she could go get high with her boyfriend.

"She didn't care what I watched so I got to see all these gnarly movies really young. I got obsessed because there was always this concept with a monster taking away a beautiful girl. I was like, 'That's good by me!'"

20/07/2005 01:41