Rob Zombie's rocker brother was caught up in an emergency last week (ends23Nov14) when a fire broke out in his hotel room.

Zombie's younger sibling, Spider One, was staying with his Powerman 5000 bandmates in the Radisson hotel in Marietta, Georgia on Friday (21Nov14) when an air conditioning unit in his room burst into flames.

The singer, real name Michael Cummings, alerted his colleagues and they helped evacuate other hotel residents as the fire spread.

A statement released by guitarist Nick Quijano reads, "We were all involved in a 10th-floor fire at the Radisson in Georgia... We checked into our rooms to relax before our show at 120 Tavern and Spider One went to turn off his air conditioner unit in his room when an electrical fire broke out within the unit, shooting large flames across the room and filling the entire 10th floor with smoke... We had to run down the hall and yell to all the other inhabitants to get them to clear the floor and get to safety.

"Other than some smoke inhalation, we are all okay... We want to let everyone know that the tour is still running as planned."

The incident occurred just hours before the band was due to play a show in the city, but they refused to let the drama halt the concert.