Rocker Rob Thomas is so impressed with the road movie director Gillian Grisman shot of his transition from matchbox twenty to a solo career, he's releasing it as a new film. The independent filmmaker shot 350 hours of footage of Thomas over two years after the rocker gave her all access to his life as part of a keepsake film. Thomas tells, "My wife and I decided to take over production and the payment of the film. "It became about a person who considers himself a songwriter. That's what I do. I come down in the morning, I sit down alone with a cup of coffee, and I sit at the piano or with a guitar in the studio and I write. "I got to go out and find that line between being a songwriter with integrity and being a force on the radio. Trying to figure out that line was what this movie became about." The film, My Secret Record or How I Learned To Stop Worrying + Love the Biz, recently premiered at the Nashville Film Festival in Tennessee, and features cameo appearances from Alicia Keys, Carlos Santana and John Mayer.