The Matchbox 20 frontman is heading out on the road with the Counting Crows next month (Jul16) and as part of the tour's VIP package, Rob is giving fans a chance to sing karaoke with him from their cell phones and computers. The 44-year-old has teamed up with bosses at hologram company VNTANA to launch the experience.

"The hologram looks fantastic and it comes out so realistic," Thomas tells Billboard. "When you do it you get an email which will let you watch it on your phone or computer, which will literally look like the two of us are standing there actually singing together."

After the programme is activated, a screen appears featuring a hologram of Rob, who says, "Hey, what's up, come here", before adding, "Well it's not me, it's a hologram of me. You could be part of the first VIP holograms experience, because selfies, photos and videos - that's all so five minutes ago. Come to the future with me, come sing with me."

Users will be able to pick from Rob's songs Pieces, One Shot or This is How a Heart Breaks to sing while using the technology.

Rob is already looking forward to the next hi-tech experience he can bring to his shows.

"We've tried over the years to always be on the cusp of something brand new whenever we release a new record or go on tour," he says. "We were the first to incorporate the live USB wrist bands at every show so that you could walk away with a wrist band that had the entire show you just saw on it."

"The next step that would be cool would be to have my band come up and hologram two or three songs and then the fans can sing with me live," he adds.