Comedian Rob Schneider cringes every time he remembers the beating Drew BARRYMORE gave him on the set of their new hit movie 50 FIRST DATES.

During a scene in the romantic comedy - which also stars ADAM SANDLER - Barrymore beats Schneider with a bat, but she got a little too enthusiastic in her acting efforts.

Schneider says, "Drew really got into it, but nobody explained to her that it hurts! The prop guy came up to me and he said, 'I didn't know she was gonna hit you like that.'"

Barrymore, who insists she would never intentionally hurt Schneider in real life, explains, "I really get into it. It's like I just wanna go there! And I kicked (him) too. I'm so sorry! I knew it would make the scene better.

"The crew was so happy, like everyone was so into it and I think that's what sort of egged me on to beat (him) harder. It was such a good day on the set!"

20/02/2004 19:32