Film-maker Rob Reiner has become a hero for California educators after sponsoring an initiative to fund preschools for children in the state.

The new initiative, the Preschool For All Act, has qualified for the primary election ballot in June (06).

Reiner and his supporters plan to raise income taxes on the wealthy to pay for a year of preschool for all four-year-olds.

The director got involved with the initiative after learning that only one in five California children attend preschool.

It's his second attempt to get a statewide vote on a preschool initiative - Reiner also proposed a similar idea back in 2004, but that didn't make the ballot.

State Democrats want the When Harry Met Sally director to run against Arnold Schwarzenegger for the post of California Governor at the upcoming elections, but Reiner insists he isn't ready to make a full-time move into politics.