Rob Lowe's wife has attacked a sexual harassment allegation made by a former nanny as "sickening".

Laura Boyce, who worked for The West Wing star and family for seven months in 2007, this week filed a suit against Sheryl Lowe, accusing her of "behaving in a... perverted, disgusting and crude manner" and creating an "extremely sexually offensive and hostile work environment".

Ms Boyce also claimed that Sheryl Lowe used racially-motivated and sexually explicit comments about Ms Boyce's black boyfriend, an NBA player.

In a statement for, Sheryl Lowe said she found the actions of Ms Boyce and attorney Gloria Allred - representing another former nanny of the Lowes in a sexual harassment suit - "sickening and disgusting".

"The charges against me are lies meant to embarrass and humiliate," she added.

"I find it deeply offensive the false allegation that I would use racially insensitive comments. I'm certain that my dearest and long-time friend, and godfather to my children, Marcus Allen, would beg to differ with their charges.

"We do not see colour in my household; my children do not see colour. It deeply saddens me that I even have to explain this to my children."

Sheryl Lowe said the claims were particularly hurtful as they signified being "betrayed by a woman we welcomed into our home and treated like family".

"We are shocked that she has now chosen to destroy our right to peace, quiet, and privacy," she continued.

Ms Boyce's lawsuit is the second sexual harassment suit brought against the Lowes in recent weeks, after former nanny Jessica Gibson claimed Rob Lowe had touched her inappropriately on several occasions between September 2005 and January 2008.

Lowe and his wife launched a countersuit against Ms Gibson, Ms Boyce and a third employee, Peter Clements, in April, claiming that Ms Gibson was at the vanguard of a scheme to extort millions of dollars from the family by threatening to go public with sexual harassment claims.

02/05/2008 09:05:54