On Tuesday (31Jan17), gossip website TMZ claimed that the Code Black actor is currently fielding job applications for an assistant who can tend to his precise needs around the clock.

But during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (01Feb17), Rob explained that although he is seeking a new assistant, he didn't have any knowledge of the advertisement and its ridiculous demands.

"I haven't seen this list, I've been hearing about it," he said, admitting he quite liked the sound of some of the requirements included in the advert. "It sounds pretty good, I've got to be honest!"

According to the ad in question, the prospective new hire must "never assume anything," ensure that Rob is fed and has coffee throughout the day, has a dinner plan if arriving home later than 8pm in the evening and let his estate staff know if he "wants a Jacuzzi turned on or a massage ordered for his arrival".

Applicants must also be willing to travel on location as requested, serve as Rob's "body man" and be able to lift up to 25 pounds as required to "support the client".

In response, the 52-year-old added that while the job ad made it sound as if he has his "priorities really in order", he doesn't understand what purpose a "body man" would have in his life.

"I'm liking the specifics that they're asking for," he smiled. "I'm going to have to get to the bottom of this."

Host Jimmy was quick to tease Rob about the advert, joking, "You know this is why people hate celebrities right? This right here."

However, he did promise to help the star with his search.

"Let me work on this and we'll get you somebody really good," he grinned.