Actor Rob Lowe is beaming with pride after his son EDWARD became certified for scuba diving - at the tender age of 10.

And the 40-year-old screen star's offspring has wasted no time in using his credentials, having recently explored the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Lowe says, "My oldest son is 10 years old and I got him certified for scuba diving which is the youngest you can do it.

"They're on vacation. I'm working, of course, that's the way it goes. He dove a wreck yesterday - 60 feet (18 metres). A sunken tugboat in the Caribbean.

"He didn't tell me about it. I had to ask him! You'd think he would get on the phone and say, 'Dad! Guess what I did?' I said, 'Did you dive the wreck today?' And he goes, 'Well, yeah...'"

But Edward isn't the only child of Lowe's enjoying grand achievements - his nine-year-old son JOHN also has a thing or two to be proud of.

Lowe explains, "The little guy just took his third piano recital. He's really great at the piano, so God bless them, they're great kids."

15/06/2004 17:14