LATEST: Rob Lowe's West Wing co-star Dule Hill has offered his public support to the troubled actor as he fights sexual harassment accusations from a former nanny.
Hill admits he's shocked by 24-year-old Jessica Gibson's claims against his friend - because her portrayal of the actor as a leering man, who touched her inappropriately, is nothing like the Lowe he has known for eight years.
Hill tells People magazine, "I've known him strictly as a family man. What comes first is his children and his wife. That's always been his focus.
"It doesn't seem like the Rob I know. It doesn't add up. I'm saddened by what I see and hear. I trust that it will work out."
Lowe has denied Gibson's claims and counters that the nanny made up the allegations as part of a plan to extort money from him and his family.