Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are committed to ''peacefully co-parenting'' their daughter Dream.

The former couple are on good terms, according to Chyna's attorney Lisa Bloom, and she insists the pair are not heading to court due to a ''custody dispute''.

She said: ''No, we did not go to court over a custody dispute. That is false. Chyna and Rob are peacefully co-parenting baby Dream, as they have been since her birth.''

However, Bloom did confirm that herself and Chyna were ''intending to aggressively defend'' the television personality's rights at a hearing following Rob's public social media rant.

Bloom added to the New York Post's Page Six column: ''We intend to aggressively defend Chyna's rights at that hearing because Rob's vicious social media attacks on Chyna are a form of domestic abuse, as the judge has already ruled in our temporary restraining order hearing.

''I believe we will have a second court victory on that day and obtain permanent restraining orders against Rob, who has yet to take responsibility for his illegal, shameful behavior toward the mother of his child.''

Meanwhile, Chyna previously admitted she has seen her ''true strength'' after Rob shared intimate pictures of her online.

She explained: ''I feel like God does certain things not to hurt you, but to show you your true strength. I feel like, if I can come from this, I can come from anything ...

''[When I saw it,] I was, like, 'No. I can't believe it.' I thought, 'What's he going to do now? What's next?' I didn't need a crazy fan trying to come and hurt me or my kids because of this. The people that I actually care about, my family and friends, they're all I worry about. I'm not going to sit here and hide in my house over somebody else being hurt or jealous or insecure.''