Rizzle Kicks star Jordan Stephens is backing the NHS Blood and Transplant Date2Donate campaign.

The 25-year-old star - who is joined by Harley Alexander-Sule in the hip-hop duo - has helped create a series of videos sharing personal experiences of giving blood in order to encourage the nation to come together on a regular basis to make a difference through giving blood, in particular a new generation of donors.

On Monday (15.01.18), the first of a series of 'Date2Donate' clips, which will continue to be published throughout the year, went live, featuring TV and radio broadcaster, Yasmin Evans, Jordan and Remel London, Capital Xtra presenter and MOBO Awards Red Carpet host.

As part of the campaign 'Mama Do The Hump' hitmaker Jordan revealed that before he was famous, he worked in a fast food restaurant.

He said: ''My last job was in a fast food kitchen at a greyhound stadium.

''My boss didn't like me and I literally went up to him and went, 'so I'm quitting' and he went 'why' and I was like 'I got a record deal'...I've never spoken to him since.''

Jordan says he's thrilled to be able to potentially help keep someone alive by giving his blood, he said: ''As much fun as I make out of it, it actually is good to contribute to saving lives.''

Over 900,000 people gave blood last year, but NHS Blood and Transplant need 200,000 new blood donors to ensure that patients in the future have access to the blood they need, when they need it.

Nadine Eaton from NHSBT said:''We are asking young people to make blood donation part of their regular routine, something that they have reoccurring in their diaries. Save a life by going about yours. Make a regular Date2Donate in 2018.''

''Less than a quarter (23.7%) of those who gave blood last year were younger than 30 years old, so we particularly hope these videos appeal to this age group. Giving blood only takes about an hour but can save three lives.''