Rizzle Kicks order pants and socks on their rider.

The 'Down With the Trumpets' duo want to make sure they're always clean and fresh on tour, so ask the venues they perform at to provide clean underwear, although it doesn't always work out quite right.

Speaking during a recent visit to Spain and referring to a budget fashion chain brand, the band's Harley Alexander-Sule said: ''We ask for a brand called Primark, but today they took the 'white trunks' thing too literally and they've given us actual like, [small] pants.''

Harley's bandmate, Jordan Stephens, also had a brush with fame before he was in the group, when he got to meet film star and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, after being elected as a Climate Change Champion to represent the UK.

Jordan told Q magazine: ''I met Arnie. It was political. I was, at one point, told I could be the future Prime Minister of England.

''I talked to him about the environment and s**t. I made him laugh.''